Solar Panel Website

Client: SaulesParki.lv

SaulesParki is a full-service solar panel installation service provider. Starting with individual solar project development and ending with a connection to the local power grid, they make solar effortless.

Solar Panel installation and financing turns out to be a complex process, especially when dealing with large-scale projects. The challenge of this website was to segment different audience groups & educate the potential customer about the process in order to reduce buying uncertainty and increase the overall visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

With this project, we focused on information nesting and intuitive navigation. Instead of displaying all of the information in a single place, we split the page into separate sections based on the target audience using the “jobs-to-be-done” methodology & nested longer pieces of information within interactive parent elements to ensure the page is “scannable”.

Custom Lead Generation Form

We created a solar panel calculator for the visitor to understand how much energy could potentially be generated given the size of one’s available roof space, angle, and positioning. Not only does this answer lots of questions for the customer, but also helps to increase the conversion rate by generating “warmer” leads and providing more information to the sales team to work with.

Modular Design

As the information about the product and offer itself is rather complex, we made sure to keep the design clean and modular. We condensed lots of information into scannable and easily digestible bite-sized pieces.

eCommerce Functionality

Although the primary goal of the website was to generate and qualify leads. Complete eCommerce functionality was added to the site as well in order to support horizontal business growth and enable upselling.

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